Let’s Get Lost


Let’s Get Lost

(Prepare to start your own adventure)

     We just returned from a trip to Germany to see our son and daughter-in-law and 4 beautiful grandkids. We spent most of our time with them, but still had some time to rent a car and roam around a bit on our own. It is so beautiful in Germany (and France where we stayed a few days in an airbnb). If you have a chance to go, do it.

We love to take pictures of our travels, and I found this metal lunch box (pic above) in a store with the “Let’s Get Lost” title.   I thought, This captures my feeling exactly about travel and exploring and adventure. If you never want to get lost, stay at home. But if you want to travel and explore new places, then get comfortable with getting lost from time to time.

Toward the end of our trip, we were in small town in France, and there was a really neat hike outside of town that went up to a ruined castle (built in the 1100’s). We were armed with our Rick Steve’s travel book on France (the bible of travel) and were walking to the starting point. We happened to run into a sweet older French woman who asked if we were hiking up to the castle and then showed where to go to catch the trail. To make a long story short, after hiking a couple of miles, we realized that we were on the wrong trail. We practically ran down the trail, pulled out the guidebook, confirmed it with someone else, found the right trail, and eventually made it up to a spectacular castle with fantastic views.


Where did we go wrong? We didn’t follow the guidebook, and we listened to the wrong person. Even though we got onto the wrong trail and were “lost” for a while, the first trail was still pretty and we knew enough to recover and find the right trail.

That’s the thing about traveling. You will get lost. You will take the wrong road. People will honk at you (as they did when I happened to drive down a one-way road). If you’re in a foreign country, you will have to encounter all sorts of strange things: how do you order from a menu with a strange language? How do you pay for parking? How do you read the road signs? How do you find a bathroom? (Hint – most place in Europe call them WC – water closet.)

But if you’re not afraid of getting lost, hear is what you will find – new roads, new food, new adventures, beautiful views and so much more. You will meet some neat, friendly people, you will learn about the regions you visit, and you will grow.

And if (actually when) you get lost, don’t worry. You will figure it out. You will find the water closets and learn how to read a menu. Getting lost is a part of life. You can avoid it by never going anywhere, but oh, you will miss so much. By the way, stay with the guidebook and don’t listen to the kindly old lady.


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2 Responses to Let’s Get Lost

  1. You also have to pay for those WC’s! Great post! Anytime you want to get lost again in Germany, you are welcome…and you have a free place to stay!

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