The Foundation of a Great Marriage

“…love one another deeply from the heart.”  1 Peter 1:22

Over the weekend, I provided a marriage retreat to our church couples, and the presenter was Dr. Greg Smalley (oldest son of well-known marriage expert, Gary Smalley).  Greg is passionate about strengthening marriages and families and is an outstanding communicator in his own right.  He has written numerous books, and much of the material for this retreat came from his most recent book – “Whole Hearted Marriage.”

As Greg stated, “The foundation of a great marriage is the state of your heart.  Is it open or closed?”  Simple, isn’t it?  Two open hearts can work through anything.  Closed hearts lead us to turn away from one another and disconnect.  Our hearts become closed when we don’t feel emotionally safe.  Then we tend to run away (create distance) and react when our “hot buttons” are pushed.

There is so much to say, but let me leave you with this.  Greg asked us to focus on at least one thing from this retreat and work on that.  For me, it was his teaching on the importance of recognizing your spouse’s incredible worth.  The more you do this, a cold heart can thaw and become warm and open again.  Proverbs 18:22 says, “A man’s greatest treasure is his wife.” Men (and ladies), is your spouse your greatest treasure?  Why not take a few minutes to write it down.  And when the next conflict comes around and you’re tempted to run away or react to her, pull out the list and remind yourself of just how valuable she is.  Have a great, fun marriage and love each other deeply, from the heart.

“Living in His Grace”

Jim Schnorrenberg


About Jim Schnorrenberg

Husband; father; grandfather; minister; counselor
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One Response to The Foundation of a Great Marriage

  1. Jim, We appreciate you so much! I am going to share this post with some young guys in our church. Already sent it to James Michael.

    Hello to Gwen.

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